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Recruitment + HR Materials

With the goal to attract engineers to their newest California locations, Continental approached us to create a series of videos to drive recruitment. We captured a variety of footage at their Santa Barbara and Silicon Valley locations, and conducted interviews with Continental employees to craft a message focused on lifestyle, unique work environments, and innovative technologies. By creating multiple formats and lengths for each video, we were able to target and optimize Continental's recruiting message on multiple social media platforms.

Benefits Guide

When world-class tire manufacturer Continental planned to roll out its 2017-2018 benefits package, it turned to BURKE for a high-impact campaign that would be easy to review and hard to put down. Using graphic-driven benefits guides, posters and postcards, we not only conveyed HR’s message, but boosted employee morale and received high praise from a client that understands the value of customer satisfaction.



What better way to recruit new talent than to display the passion and commitment of current employees. BURKE traveled to national Continental locations and photographed team members who serve as the company’s best spokespeople. Through a campaign of posters and print ads, we touted Continental’s key strengths from an employee’s view and helped the global leader target top recruits.

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