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Brand Standards

Whether it’s preconfigured or custom-configured storage cabinets, workstations and technical benching, mobile cabinets and toolboxes, mezzanines, adjustable racking systems, or vertical automated storage and retrieval systems, professionals worldwide depend on Stanley Vidmar for productivity improvements that directly contribute to a healthier bottom line. Both Lista and Vidmar are leaders in their respective markets. We were commissioned to recreate the brands and make them work both as product brands underneath the new Stanley corporate umbrella/guidelines, as well as on their own.


Refreshing an industry leader.

We worked with Stanley to create a new logo that looked and felt like it belonged with Stanley's brand guidelines and still remained recognizable as it's own entity.


A logo that complements.

Stanley acquired Lista in 2012 as a brand underneath the “Stanley Storage & Workspace Solutions” business unit, complementing the Vidmar brand. The acquisition meant Lista needed a new logo to reflect Stanley's guidelines.